About Us

Jow Ga Kuen Martial Arts Association is Melbourne's first traditional Jow Ga Kung Fu school. It was established by Sifu Tseng Gong Seng in 1987, under the name Melbourne Yun Yee Tong Martial Arts Association.

On May 2013, Jow Ga Kuen Martial Arts Association relaunched after twenty years of inactivity by Sifu Tseng Gong Seng and his loyal disciples. The Association is still the first and only Kung Fu school in Melbourne teaching traditional Jow Ga Kung Fu. We hope to preserve and spread the art of Kung Fu throughout Australia.

As part of our mission to promote and preserve Chinese Martial Arts in Australia, is to introduce it to as many new people as possible.

Our goal is to highlight the skills and diversity of Chinese Kung Fu to the general public, and actively seek the public's awareness and image. Our vision is to enhance the development and expansion of Kung Fu practitioners around Australia.

Our Lineage

Jow Biu -> Lau Hau Leung -> Tseng Gong Seng

Our Sifu

Sifu Tseng Gong Seng also spelt as Sifu Jung Gong Seng is a 3rd Generation Jow Ga practitioner. Sifu Tseng started off learning Jow Ga Kung Fu from Grandmaster Lau Hau Leung, who is his brother-in-law.

Sifu Tseng trained and taught at Grandmaster Lau's Kung Fu school 'Chow Goon Yun Yee Tong' till his late 30's, his speciality included the Double Tiger Hooks. Sifu Tseng opened the first Jow Ga Kung Fu School in Melbourne during the late 1980's.

His three sons played a major role in developing the schools image and training of students. With his age reaching over 70, he has limited his teachings but still participate in major Chinese New Year lion dance performances and kung fu demonstrations.

To preserve the families line of Jow Ga Kung Fu, his grandson has taken the role to continue the line of Kung Fu in the family as an assitant instructor in the school.

The Instructors

Our team of instructors are individuals that have had a strong commitment to their own martial arts training and development, and now want to pass on their knowledge to others.

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Jow Ga Kung Fu and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify.

Jow Ga Kuen Martial Arts Association - since 1987