Short Weapons

Their are eight short weapons under Sifu Tseng Gong Seng's lineage. The Broadsword is usualy the first weapon to be learnt by the student during their first taste a tradtional chinese weapon.

Most of these weapons will take at least and over a month to practice, learn and master, dependant on the students learning pace and motivation. Each has their own distinctive advantages, techniques, drills, applications and usage.

The Broadsword

The Broadsword also known as 'Dao' in Chinese is essentially the beginners short weapon. It consists of short range cutting, slashing, hacking, chopping, thrusting and blocking techniques.

It incorporates swift movements, stance alightment and focuses on beginner's stage of developing the flow of movements, power and reflexes.

  • Slicing upwards and downards techniques and basic applications,
  • Development and incorporation of stance and footwork,
  • Chopping techniques to opponents blind sides;
  • Parrying, thrusting drills and applications,
  • Counter-movements to advanced arm and leg attacks,
  • Fluidity of movement, speed and reflex,
  • Four corner deflection techniques and four gates;

The Double Daggers

The Double Daggers is a handy and deadly beginners weapon, away from eyesight. It develops the core techniques and footwork required to move on to other intermediate weapons. It is a close quarter combat weapon, containing devistating techiqnues.

Some of the essential areas are thrusting, stabbing, swiping, jabbing, blocking techniques. It is swift, fast, and conceled weapon form symbolizes courage in combat. Techniques can be transferable by everyday items such as pocket knives, stanley knives, sissors and knives in general.

  • Proper handling of weapon, holding methods and execution,
  • Jabbing techniques, drills and applications,
  • Stabbing and thrusting drills and applications,
  • Blocking techniques, and defensive drills,
  • Knife course, consisting of mastering applications,
  • Leopard slicing techniques, drills and applications,
  • Development of stance and techniques,
  • Emphasis on fluidity of movement, speed and reflex,
  • Practicing form in four directions: The Four Gates

The Double Broadswords

The Double Broadswords is one of Jow Ga style's trademark short weapons. It consists of intermediate techniques such as the tornado, chopping and blocking from left to right

It is a family of single-edged blade and known as 'The General of all Weapons's.

It's seen as a powerful conditioning tool and a versatile weapon, with self defense techniques transferable to similarly sized objects more commonly found in the modern world, such as canes, baseball or cricket bats

  • Handling and gripping of the double broadswords,
  • Development of power (ging lik), swiftness, and basic parrying,
  • Double attakcs, slashes, cuts, thrust techniques and drills,
  • Four gates training in four directions,
  • Emphasis on attacking multiple opponents, the usage of the cloth,
  • The Tornadoe movement, applications and drills,
  • End of the point techinques.

The Butterfly Swords

The Butterfly Swords is used in conjunction from techniques of the Double Sabre form. As a double weapon form this weapon is much more short range then the sabre, and consists of trapping and locking techniques to the opponents weapon.

It is a intermediate weapon, Sparring sets such as Double Sabre Vs Spear can be replaced with Butterfly Swords Vs Spear to allow shorter range practices for the student.

  • Weapons handling, gripping drills,
  • Cutting and blocking with weapon sparring drills,
  • Slicing and thrusting drills,
  • Form practicing Butterfly Swords Vs Spear
  • Weapons sparring drills and applications.

The Three Section Staff

The Three Section Staff is a Chinese flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. The weapon is also known as a 'coiling dragon staff'. The staves can be spun to gather momentum resulting in a powerful strike, It can be also be used to strike over or around a shield or other defensive block.

Particular use of this weapon includes Three Section Staff Vs The Spear. Techniques includes, whipping, trapping, striking, and blocking.

  • Gripping and Handling of weapon,
  • Weapon sparring techniques and drills,
  • Three Section Staff Vs The Spear
  • The use of punch and kicking inconjuction with section staff,
  • Counter-movements to advanced techniques and attacks,
  • Four Gates, fluidity of movement, speed and reflex,
  • Weapons sparring.

The Double Chain Whips

The Double Chain Whips is an advance weapon which consists of several metal rods, which are joined end-to-end by rings to form a flexible chain. The whip has a handle at one end and a metal dart, used for slashing or piercing an opponent, at the other.

It Double Chain Whips is usually shorter for close quarter combat, which it can be hidden as a belt. Techniques includes, circling, percing, locking.

  • Handling of one chain whip, basic applications,
  • Advance handling of double chain whips, drills and techniques,
  • Development of the fluidity of the whip, power generation,
  • Thrusting exercises with the whip,
  • Slapping techinques and drills, footwork and stance work
  • Four Gates practice
  • Use of kicks and punches with the whip
  • Weapon trapping and locking applications and techniques.

Our Jow Ga School's Trademark: The Double Tiger Hooks

The Double Tiger Hooks is Sifu Tseng Gong Seng trademark weapon and is our Jow Ga school's disctinctive weapon form. This weapon is an advance weapon consisting of hooking, rolling, trapping, blocking, and slashing.

This is one of the last short weapon to learn on our weapons curriculum, and is known as our most treasured weapon form.

  • The Tiger Hook's techniques, drills and applications,
  • Further development of the techniques,
  • Emphasis on fluidity of movement, speed and reflex,
  • The Four Gates training and drills.

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