Our Jow Ga linage has extensive range of weapons and hand forms. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop the skills they need to become proficient and better in learning Jow Ga Kung Fu.

Class Structure

The basic structure of the class as of the start of our commencing lessons was consisted of a warm up and stretching, stance training, drills and conditioning, forms, techniques, applications.

This is then followed by additional training with weapons and sparring. One lesson is usually 120 minutes long, sometimes longer hours for intermediate to instructors.

  • Warm Up & Stretching: This consist of warming up before training begins, it’s important to stretch before we set off into more training, since this helps prevent injuries and increases flexibility of the muscles.

  • Stance Training: Is the foundations of all techniques and movements, as well as being one of the most important key elements to the successful progression and advancement in Jow Ga Kung Fu. Stances include the Horse stance, Cat stance, Cross stance, Bow & Arrow stance, Sinking Stance, Kneeling Stance and Crane stance.

  • Drills & Conditioning: They provide extra foundation to training, in which drills focus on reflex by practicing techniques for Trapping, Grappling, Tapping, Locking, Punching, Blocking and Pushing. While conditioning would be the strengthening of the body such as Three Stars, Bridge Hand and basic exercises such as push ups and sit ups.

  • Forms, Techniques & Applications: This procedure begins by learning the forms and breaking down each technique in the form. Each technique is trained in a repetitive manner along with its single or multiple applications contained within it.

  • Weapons Training: This consist of a broad range of techniques ranging from single weapons, double weapons, long weapons as well as soft weapons. Weapons sparring sets are included as well as weapon specific drills.


Upon learning the beginner’s forms and weapons, students would be introduced to the basic stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, joint locking techniques, drills and applications.

Our linage and history of Jow Ga is also taught as well as the importance of Kung Fu Etiquette and the conceptual theories of Martial Morality is introduced. 

Students can choose to start off at the any beginner weapons which they prefer or like. Both hand and weapon forms can be both learnt together as you progress. 

  • Small Tiger 
  • Small Four Level Fist   
  • Four Level Fist
  • Double-headed Staff
  • Double Daggers
  • Sabre
  • Spear


Further introduction to newer deadly techniques are situated in intermediate forms, they range from kicks to endurance training and conditioning the body. Half of Jow Ga's weapon curriculum is introduced in this level which after completion would have completed.

In completion to the intermediate level students would already have learnt three quarters  of the Jow Ga system in which, they would be invited to become an instructor.

  • Wooden Post Fist
  • Ten Thousand Fist
  • Country Fist
  • Monkey Fist
  • Lohan Fist
  • Long Pole
  • 9 Ring Halbert
  • Butterfly Swords
  • Three-Section Staff
  • Snake Spear
  • Double-Sabres
  • Double-headed Spear
  • Tiger Fork
  • Fong Tin Gik


Jow Ga's most famous forms and our lineages speciality is reserved under the advance level. It further focuses on animal techniques, joint locking, twelve bridge hand and many others. They are much more longer hand forms and require alot of power, stretching and endurance to perform, train and complete.

  • Tiger Crane
  • 5 Animals Fist   
  • Tiger Leopard
  • Guan Dao
  • Double-Whips
  • Tiger Hooks

Weapon Sparring Sets

Sparring sets with weapons is just like a choreographed weapon form in which it incorporates the uniqueness of using a particular weapon against another in fighting situations.

Intermediate level is required as well as the need of a quick reaction as well as learning both of the weapon forms before learning its sparring set, for example students need to learn the Sabre and Spear before learning the Sabre Combats Spear Set.

  • Double-Headed Pole Sparring Set
  • Double Sabre Combats Spear  
  • Sabre Combats Spear
  • Spear Combats Three Section Staff

Other Forms

Other forms consist of additional techniques and styles on top of the Jow Ga curriculum. This includes Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut and Hung Ga Kuen

  • Ng Lung Ma
  • Fan Fun  
  • Kau Da Kuen
  • Lau Ga Kuen
  • The 12 Bridges

Conditioning & Drills

The key areas of conditioning and drilling consist of training on techniques that have been taught in the forms, striking or kicking them repetitively on a focus mitt, kicking pad, body pad. These drilling exercises will train on power, speed and endurance.

Bridge Hand condioning is introduced here are only some of the different methods that can assist you to develop the famous iron forearm and are more complex than they appear. Forearms like iron can only be achieved through long-term training under the proper supervision of your instructor.

Training of the forearms consists of various hardening drills and breathing forms, the purpose of which is to help you develop hard bone, power and resilience to pain. This article explores three most common training exercises to strengthen your forearms:


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