Core Forms

There are two core forms of Jow Ga which must be learnt in order to progress to Weapons training, this includes learning the 18 steps of the Jow Ga salute, training on stances, basic strikes and blocks. Drills and conditioning exercises correlates with the progress in each training level from beginner to instructor’s level.

It’s important for each practitioner of Jow Ga Kung Fu to fully understand the techniques and applications on Small Tiger and Ten Thousand Fist as these are the core seed form which connects out into primary and secondary forms. They form as a basic foundation to learning further intermediate to advance empty hand and weapon forms.

Small Tiger

The oldest and foundation form of Jow-Ga, teaching the primary fundamental techniques that are essential in order to master the system. Almost all the stances and the majority of techniques are contained here. Hung Gar origins are obvious

Foundation to this form includes learning the salute which works on the core techniques of Jow Ga was well as stances. Techniques, drills and applications includes;

  • Stance training: Horse Stance, Kneeling Stance, Cross Stance
  • Stance training: Cat Stance, Crane Stance, Jor Mah  
  • Punching from the hips, Ping Chui & Jik Chui
  • Drilling and Conditioning for Strikes and Kicks
  • Blocking tehcniques: e.g. hopping, Cutting
  • Strikes: e.g. Gwa, Luk Chui, Deng Chui

Ten Thousand Fist

A form that literally is "The head of Hung, and tail of Choy". This form starts off at a slower pace with many Hung Gar movements, as the form progress the pace speeds up because of the use of rapid stance-changing as in Choy Gar.

It is quite a long form and trains some Chi Kung and endurance as well. It also has the "Bill Gwa Jon" technique, which is 3 movements performed consecutively.

  • Endurance training, breathing exercises
  • Strikes: e.g. Bill, Gwa, Jon, Seurng Long,
  • Blocking: e.g. Sarp, Jin, Warh. Gork
  • Kicking drills and applications
  • Bridge conditioning and drills

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