The Jow Ga Kuen Martial Arts Association has over 15 different weapons in our curriculum. We offers a wide range of traditional weapons ranging from Short Weapons, Long Weapons, and Weapon Sparring sets.

Most of these weapons will take at least and over a month to practice, learn and master. Each has their own distictive advantages, techniques, drills, applications and useage.

The Broadsword

The Broadsword also known as 'Dao' in Chinese is essentially the beginners short weapon. It consists of short range cutting, slashing, hacking, chopping, thrusting and blocking techniques.

It incorporates swift movements, stance alightment and focuses on beginner's stage of developing the flow of movements, power and reflexes. Read more...

The Spear

The Spear known as one of 'The King of Weapons' is widely recognised in the Jow Ga curriculum as one of the core weapon forms. Common features of the Chinese spear are the leaf shaped blade and red horse-hair tassel.

It works defensively or offensively both sharp long range techniqes to short range blocks, it's a quick, light and agile weapon. Common well known techniques in the Jow Ga Spear form includes; Mei Yu Fan Shui, Cheurng, Sarp, Gork. Read more...

The Staff

The Staff or Pole is extensively focused for beginners to allow furthur development of techniques and development of incorporating techniques, stance and power.

Key features is the use of the short pole, long pole, or the double sided pole. The Staff has it's distictive features such as thrusting, wacking, peirceing, locking and trapping. It's used upon to attack key vital points of the body to disable, disarm or kill. Read more...

The Double Broadswords

The Double Broadswords is one of Jow Ga style's trademark short weapons. It consists of intermediate techniques such as the tornado, chopping and blocking from left to right.

It is a family of single-edged blade and known as 'The General of all Weapons's.

It's seen as a powerful conditioning tool and a versatile weapon, with self defense techniques transferable to similarly sized objects more commonly found in the modern world, such as canes, baseball or cricket bats. Read more...

The Double Tiger Hooks

The Double Tiger Hooks is Sifu Tseng Gong Seng trademark weapon and is our Jow Ga school's disctinctive weapon form. This weapon is an advance weapon consisting of hooking, rolling, trapping, blocking, and slashing.

This is one of the last short weapon to learn on our weapons curriculum, and is known as our most treasured weapon form. Read more...

The Double Daggers

The Double Daggers is a handy and deadly beginners weapon, away from eyesight. It develops the core techniques and footwork required to move on to other intermediate weapons. It is a close quarter combat weapon, containing devistating techiqnues.

Some of the essential areas are thrusting, stabbing, swiping, jabbing, blocking techniques. It is swift, fast, and conceled weapon form symbolizes courage in combat. Techniques can be transferable by everyday items such as pocket knives, stanley knives, sissors and knives in general. Read more...

The Butterfly Swords

The Butterfly Swords is used in conjunction from techniques of the Double Sabre form. As a double weapon form this weapon is much more short range then the sabre, and consists of trapping and locking techniques to the opponents weapon.

It is a intermediate weapon, Sparring sets such as Double Sabre Vs Spear can be replaced with Butterfly Swords Vs Spear to allow shorter range practices for the student. Read more...

The Three Section Staff

The Three Section Staff is a Chinese flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. The weapon is also known as a 'coiling dragon staff'. The staves can be spun to gather momentum resulting in a powerful strike, It can be also be used to strike over or around a shield or other defensive block.

Particular use of this weapon includes Three Section Staff Vs The Spear. Techniques includes, whipping, trapping, striking, and blocking. Read more...

The Double Chain Whips

The Double Chain Whips is an advance weapon which consists of several metal rods, which are joined end-to-end by rings to form a flexible chain. The whip has a handle at one end and a metal dart, used for slashing or piercing an opponent, at the other.

It Double Chain Whips is usually shorter for close quarter combat, which it can be hidden as a belt. Techniques includes, circling, percing, locking. Read more...

The Nine Ring Halbert

The Nine Ring Halbert is an intermediate form normally a heavy weapon during historical Chinese war times. A truly strong, majestic weapon withstanding of slicing boulders, with swift strong foundation.

Slicing, cutting, chopping, are all part of the techniques in the form. The nine rings represents trapping long weapons in the ring as well as the sound from the rings to intimidate the enemy. Read more...

The Tiger Fork

The Tiger Fork is a intermediate weapon form, consist of jabbing, stabbing, trapping, panning, and many other defensive and offensive techniques to counter the oppenent with the use of ordinary traditional Chinese farmers tool.

It's a widely used weapon due to which ordinary farmers needed to defend themselves against animal predators, threats and thieves from stealing their crops. Read more...

The Snake Spear

The Snake Spear is used by General Zhang Fei during the Three Kingdom's Period in China. It's respectably known for its long appearance, rapid strikes and swift agility. Main techniques are developed upon learning the Spear.

It’s inclusive of advance movements from rapid changing stances and techniques. The red hair tassels are used to stop the blood from flowing into the pole when thrusting into the enemies, it acts as a pointer and intimidating the enemy. Read more...

The Heaven Splitting Lance

The Heaven Splitting Lance is used by Lu Bu, one of the greatest warriors of the Three Kingdoms Period in 184–280. It has a combination of a spear like weapon with direct thrusts and the halberts slicing and cuts.

The core components of the weapon includes the agility, swiftness and accuracy in cutting the oponent, slicing them and peircing throought them with combination techniques from the spear and nine ring halbert. Read more...

The Double Headed Spear

The Double Headed Spear is a deadly weapon from both sides, utilising the most out of a weapon's double sides. It's particularly designed for left and right, back and front defensive weapon.

It contains core techniques, drills, applications and stance work from the spear. The double headed spear is commonly seen from the Chinese opera, from their shorter versions of the double headed spear. Read more...

The Guan Dao

The Guan Dao also known as General Guan Yu's Halbert is one of the famous weapon forms incorporating General Guan Yu's historical times during the Three Kingdoms period. Mighting power, strong stance, advance techniques are part of this form.

It's the secound last weapon to learn in the cirriculum, also known as Sifu's weapon. Jow Ga's Guan Dao form depicts Lord Guan's passing of the five gates and slaying of the 6 genenerals during his time of escaping Wei. Read more...

Jow Ga is known for their Double Broadswords and Spear, which are widely practiced among all linages. Our Association under Sifu Tseng Gong Seng's lineage is reputable by their trademark weapon 'The Tiger Hooks'. For more further information on Jow Ga's weapons please see Short Weapons or Long Weapons page.

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